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Increase your visibility and learn how you can leverage the power of your relationships to maximize your social impact.

Strengthen the Ecosystem

Collaborate and coordinate your efforts to strengthen civil society in your community.

The Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement (SACE) Project

The Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement (SACE) project in Nigeria is a new initiative, funded by USAID, that aims to strengthen institutional, organizational, and technical capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) coalitions and networks to advance targeted democracy and good governance initiatives. The project will award grants to six Nigerian CSOs and/or coalitions, who will work to strengthen civil society’s ability to influence the development and implementation of key democratic reforms at the national, state, and local levels.

User & Interpretation Guide Download »

This guide has been prepared to help your organization participate in and understand the map more easily and comprehensively. The guide explains how to navigate the platform step-by-step and interpret the analysis it generates. We recommend that you distribute this guide to all members of your organization who will use the site and to the partners you invite to join.

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What is STARNET?

STARNET is a collaborative online platform that maps organizations and individuals working in civil society in Nigeria. These actors include civil society organizations (CSOs), donors, public institutions, businesses, consultants, think-tanks, and researchers. The STARNET survey has been customized for Nigerian civil society and is first being launched as part of the USAID Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement Request for Applications (RFA). Those who apply to the RFA are to complete a STARNET profile and survey to be considered. STARNET will eventually be expanded to the larger Nigerian civil society community.

How does STARNET work?

STARNET enables your organization to map institutional relationships and to generate a visualization illustrating where you are positioned in relation to others. These maps are backed by powerful network analysis-derived statistical metrics to illuminate relationships and structures that may not be visible or intuitive.


1. Create public profile

for your organization

2. Describe your relationship

with other actors in the network

3. Leverage your influence

to maximize your social impact

How to participate in STARNET?

After you receive an invitation to STARNET, create an organizational profile and describe your organization's relationships with others in the network through short collaboration surveys. Update your relationships in real-time and immediately see a visualization of your professional network. Invite other organizations with which you collaborate to join STARNET and help to grow the network.

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